Clinical excellence means bringing specialty care to hospitals and clinics and delivering an integrated experience for on-site teams and patients.

Before becoming Access TeleCare, SOC Telemed was founded in 2004 by a group of physicians with a vision: that high-quality specialty care could be delivered at scale through technology. Our mission ever since has been to provide timely access to high-quality specialty care — inpatient and outpatient — to improve patient outcomes in a measurable way.

Our Team

With a decade of experience building a robust telemedicine program, our team serves hospitals and health care systems of all types and sizes.

Today, Access TeleCare is a nationwide leader in the field of specialty telemedicine. Our clients include 19 of the 25 largest health systems in the nation as well as small rural and community hospitals across the country. Together, we’re reducing the barriers to accessing timely specialty care for patients with acute and chronic complex conditions.


The future of specialty care is telemedicine.

The future of specialty care is telemedicine.

Why are so many hospitals and health systems deploying specialty telemedicine in their inpatient and outpatient facilities?

The U.S. projects a shortage of more than 34,000 specialty physicians by 2034. Forty percent of physicians will reach retirement age in the next decade. And in rural communities, nine percent of physicians are asked to care for almost a quarter of Americans.

Specialty telemedicine is a powerful solution.

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