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Founded and led by physicians, Access TeleCare partners with hospitals and clinics to build and sustain world-class telemedicine programs in any clinical specialty to meet the care needs of your patients and communities.

We help hospitals and health systems achieve their clinical, operational and financial goals and meet their promise of delivering accessible, timely care to all who need it.


Inpatient & Outpatient Cardiac Care

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Telemedicine and Hybrid Programs for Daytime & Nighttime Coverage

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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Consultation & Antibiotic Stewardship

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Acute Stroke & General Neurology

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Emergency, Inpatient, & Outpatient Psychiatry

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Pulmonary & Critical Care

ICU & Inpatient and Outpatient Pulmonary Care

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Ultrasound Consultation, Inpatient, & Outpatient Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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Cardiac Arrest (Code Blue)

Patient Resuscitation Management

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Why is the use of eICU use growing

There are several reasons that the use of eICU is growing:

  • Physician shortages make it hard to recruit enough intensivists to staff appropriately.
  • An aging population means that there is more demand for services.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to protect providers so that they can avoid exposure and continue to treat patients
  • With high demand and not enough supply, physicians experience burnout trying to make up the gap.
  • The rapid acceleration of the adoption of technology, like mobile phones, means consumers expect more convenience in their healthcare.

eICU coverage can also help hospitals who have critical care physicians on staff, allowing them to offload some of their work and gain visibility into what is happening across the hospital and leverage their own skillset more broadly.