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Your Strategic Telemedicine Partner for Value-Based Care

We partner with health plans to implement tech-enabled telemedicine solutions that reduce the overall cost of care, create better member engagement, and improve health outcomes.

Virtual Behavioral Health

Access TeleCare enables health plans to provide virtual behavioral health services to members in any care setting. Access TeleCare’s tech-enabled care platform increases access to mental health care, removes transportation barriers, and reduces wait times – all leading to improved health outcomes and reduced costs. Offering psychiatry and therapy services is a key differentiator in a competitive market, helping to attract and retain members.

By partnering with Access TeleCare, health plans can reduce their overall healthcare costs, improve the quality of care for their members, increase member engagement and satisfaction, and improve overall financial performance.

Key Benefits of Telemedicine for Health Plans

Increase Access to Care

Increase Access to Care

Cut long wait times of weeks and months down to days and hours.

Reduce Barriers to Care

Reduce Barriers to Care

Allow members to access care from the comfort of their homes, without the need to travel to a physical clinic.

Reduce Medical Costs

Reduce Medical Costs

Reduce the risk of ED visits and readmissions and improve medication adherence.

Improve Health Outcomes

Improve Health Outcomes

Timely and convenient access to mental health care improves health outcomes and overall quality of life.

Improve Quality of Care Metrics

Improve Quality of Care Metrics

Improve HEDIS scores and STAR ratings related to aftercare follow-up, medication adherence, patient satisfaction, and readmission rates.

Increase Member Engagement

Increase Member Engagement

Offering virtual behavioral health services can increase member engagement and satisfaction. Members are more likely to choose a plan that offers comprehensive and accessible behavioral health services.

A True Strategic Telemedicine Partner with a Focus on Clinical Excellence

  • High-Quality Clinical Network 

  • 20 Years of Experience in Telemedicine 

  • Supportive, Easy-to-Use Technology Platform 

  • Adaptive Delivery Model 

  • Continuous Quality Improvement 

Telemedicine specialists virtually collaborating with a group of healthcare professionals

How We Incorporate Telemedicine With Health Plans 

Enable members to get timely access to the psychiatry and outpatient therapy/counseling they need from the comfort of their own home or any location with internet access. With Access TeleCare, your plan can offer a range of outpatient behavioral health services in whatever setting is best for members, without the need for in-person visits. Virtual outpatient care delivery offers several benefits, including increased access to care, especially for individuals in rural or underserved areas, reduced barriers to seeking treatment, such as transportation or scheduling difficulties, and enhanced privacy and convenience. By integrating virtual behavioral health into your offerings, health plans can improve the overall accessibility, affordability, and quality of care, leading to better overall health outcomes and significant reductions in the total cost of care. 

Members with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) are vulnerable for multiple admission, frequent ED visits, and overall poor health status. Access TeleCare empowers health plans to better care for their members with SMI by implementing a program that provides timely access to our high-quality behavioral health clinicians. Access TeleCare’s tech-enabled platform enables health plans to manage the SMI conditions of their members on an ongoing basis, resulting in higher quality of life for the members and lower overall costs of care. Health plans will be able to stabilize patients recovering from an acute phase of their illness, leading to better follow-up after hospitalization, increased medication adherence, decreased ED visits, reduced readmissions, and higher levels of satisfaction for patients, caregivers, and primary care physicians. 

Access TeleCare works with health plans to provide on-call coverage for warm transfers of members who are in need of psychiatric care. When a member is engaged with the health plan and the need for psychiatric care is identified, the care coordinator can connect the member with a Access TeleCare clinician via telemedicine in real time. By implementing a warm transfer process with Access TeleCare, health plans can more efficiently connect their members with the behavioral health care they need to live healthier lives. 

The goal of collaborative care is to improve the overall outcomes and well-being of patients by addressing their behavioral health needs in a holistic and coordinated manner. Access TeleCare’s clinicians will work closely with your primary care providers to deliver evidence-based behavioral health care, including screening and identification of mental health disorders, interventions and counseling, prescribing and managing medications, monitoring progress, and ensuring ongoing support and follow-up. Access TeleCare’s clinicians will also engage in regular communication, shared decision-making, and care planning to provide coordinated and patient-centered care. By integrating behavioral health services with Access TeleCare, you can enhance access to behavioral health care, improve members’ health outcomes, increase treatment adherence, and reduce the overall cost of care.  

Access TeleCare works with health plans to streamline utilization of behavioral health services to improve member health outcomes and achieve better financial performance. Access TeleCare provides access to a robust network of qualified and credentialed behavioral health clinicians. Through our thorough credentialing process and continuous quality improvement, we ensure provider competence and adherence to the highest quality standards. By partnering with Access TeleCare to provide behavioral health care, health plans can vastly improve the utilization management of their behavioral health services, reducing costs associated with overutilization, unnecessary hospitalizations, and inefficient care delivery. 

Access TeleCare partners with health plans to create a streamlined process for matching patients with the right provider to meet their behavioral health needs. Access TeleCare can leverage a health plan’s comprehensive data on members’ psychiatric needs, including symptoms, history, and treatment preferences or perform initial assessments to gather this information. Access TeleCare’s intake team can then take this information and match the member with the best-fit clinician to meet their need, considering provider expertise, availability, language preferences, and any specific requirements or specializations needed to treat the member’s condition. With Access TeleCare, health plans can ensure that their members are seeing the right provider at the right time.  

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