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Virtual Behavioral Health Services for Medical-Surgical & Intensive Care Units

Professional psychiatric coverage with same day and next day scheduled appointments for behavioral health consultations.

Access TeleCare provides medical-surgical and intensive care units with professional psychiatric coverage for behavioral health consultations. With Access TeleCare’s virtual behavioral health platform, you can provide psychiatric consultations with same day and next day scheduled appointments.

Key Benefits of Telemedicine for Med-Surg & ICU

Rapid Response Times

Rapid Response Times

Psychiatric consults with same/next day scheduled appointments for Med-Surg & Intensive Care Units.

Higher Patient Throughput

Higher Patient Throughput

Stabilize and manage medical patients with behavioral health conditions and prepare them for discharge to the next appropriate care setting.

Increase Access to Behavioral Health Care

Increase Access to Behavioral Health Care

More timely access to behavioral health care leads to better health outcomes overall for patients.

Reduce Turnover and Clinical Burnout

Reduce Turnover and Clinical Burnout

Alleviate the burden and stress of psychiatric patient care from your on-site staff leveraging Access TeleCare’s clinicians.

Meet Your Community’s Mental Health Needs

In order to meet the demands of more medically complicated conditions, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine services offer consultation-liaison psychiatry services. Our consultation-liaison approach specializes in the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders that are comorbid with general medical/surgical illness.

Access TeleCare providers work within your EMR to document and deploy behavioral health services in close collaboration with your care teams. We expand behavioral health access to meet your care teams growing mental health needs with efficient, high-quality care delivery.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

In medically complex situations, providing comprehensive and integrated psychiatric care to patients is paramount. Medical-surgical units and intensive care units often witness patients facing significant physical and emotional challenges. This is where the invaluable role of consultation-liaison psychiatry comes into play. At Access TeleCare, we recognize the importance of delivering consultation-liaison psychiatry services within these units, and we will work closely with your team to develop a care program that enhances patient care and outcomes.

To learn more about our approach to consultation-liaison psychiatry, read this blog: Enhancing Patient Care: Consultation-Liaison TelePsychiatry in Acute Care Settings.

How it Works

Virtual Behavioral Health Across the Continuum of Care

Senior man, volunteer nurse or support caregiver help with elderly in behavioral health hospital.

Behavioral Health Hospitals

24/7/365 professional psychiatric coverage, Medical Directorship, rounding, and on-call coverage.

Emergency department ready to incorporate Access TeleCare's virtual behavioral health services.

Emergency Departments

Professional psychiatric coverage 24/7/365 for behavioral health consultations with rapid response times.

Young nurse showing medical history on digital tablet to patient in hospital.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Units

Permanently solve your quality and professional staffing challenges, while optimizing your census.

doctor talking to patient in outpatient behavioral health setting

Outpatient Behavioral Health

Virtual behavioral health care in any setting from IOPs/PHPs to primary care and community-based clinics and home health.

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