Protecting Patient Data Comes Standard With Every Access TeleCare Telemedicine Program

2024-02-15T23:45:51-06:00February 15, 2024|

Protecting patient information and adhering to the latest data protection standards are core components of every Access TeleCare telemedicine program. Access TeleCare’s Telemed IQ platform and telemedicine cart are HITRUST certified, a distinction earned after a thorough and independent review of data protection and safety practices [...]

Telemedicine Isn’t a Lifeline Only for Rural Hospitals

2024-01-30T19:50:06-06:00January 30, 2024|

Telemedicine as a solution for rural hospitals’ challenges is not a new concept. But, telemedicine’s documented ability to address the physician shortage and reduce hospitals’ outbound transfers is a tool for urban hospitals as well. Urban hospitals increasingly are turning to telemedicine [...]

4 Health Care Issues Predicted for 2024 That Access TeleCare Can Solve Now

2024-01-18T23:18:31-06:00January 11, 2024|

For two decades, Access TeleCare has led the charge to shape and define what a modern health care environment built around telemedicine looks like. Through a revolutionary fusion of innovative technology and world-class, patient-centered care, Access TeleCare’s specialty telemedicine programs allow its [...]

Driving Down the Cost of Specialty Coverage With Telemedicine

2023-08-22T22:40:53-05:00August 22, 2023|

Jason Hallock, M.D., Chief Clinical Innovation Officer On-call and nighttime physician coverage are two of hospitals’ biggest costs. With the staffing needed to run a specialty program 24/7 and to cover emergencies of any kind, hospitals’ physician costs can quickly become unsustainable. [...]

U.S. Congress Signals Strong Support for Telemedicine

2024-01-12T16:45:28-06:00June 22, 2023|

With re-introduction of the CONNECT for Health Act in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives earlier this month, Congress is demonstrating, post-pandemic, its strong interest and support for continuing the widespread implementation and use of telemedicine in both inpatient and outpatient [...]

Telemedicine Reduces Patient Transfers: The Lifeline for Patients Who Need Care Now

2024-01-12T16:46:42-06:00June 8, 2023|

Transferring patients from one hospital to another sounds simple. In today’s health care environment, however, with provider shortages and more patients with complex physical and behavioral needs, transferring patients can be a lengthy process, creating delays in accessing needed specialty care. A [...]

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