World-Class Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Through Telemedicine

Access TeleCare works with hospitals to build customized telemedicine programs that bring consultation-liaison psychiatrists to patients with complex medical and/or surgical conditions, no matter their location.

Our consultation-liaison telepsychiatry services are holistic, collaborative, and multidisciplinary, ensuring both a rewarding professional career and excellence in patient care and outcomes.

How it Works

  • Monday through Friday schedule with 8-hour days
  • Work with a known, core set of hospitals and on-site medical and surgical teams
  • Practice as if in-person to follow patients and coordinate care while they are hospitalized
  • Collaborate with other Access TeleCare psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and social workers as part of your rounding team so you never work in a silo

Consultation-Liaison telePsychiatry Careers

Learn more about our consultation-liaison telePsychiatry careers.


Benefits of a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Career With Access TeleCare

  • Monthly case conferences and/or didactics to share, collaborate, and discuss
  • Opportunities for research and publication
  • Access to our quality improvement, innovation, and informatics division for research support
  • Care for patients with diverse needs
  • Build collaborative relationships with on-site clinical teams
  • Physician-led multispecialty organization that prioritizes inter-specialty collaboration
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Ability to live anywhere and structure career to meet personal and professional goals

About Access TeleCare

Access TeleCare is the largest multispecialty telemedicine organization in the country. Physician-led, the organization prioritizes the physician experience and expertise. Our physicians work from anywhere and have the autonomy to structure their work to meet personal and professional goals and needs.

We work with hospitals and clinics of all sizes across the country and deliver access to care for patients who might not otherwise have it in the areas of cardiology, hospitalist medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, and pulmonology and critical care. TelePsychiatry is a founding specialty, and we have 20 years of experience working with hospitals to build telePsychiatry programs that provide both emergency psychiatry care and ongoing consultation-liaison psychiatry care.

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