What’s in a Name? The Essential Role of Agility and Creativity in Creating a Strong Health Care Brand

2024-05-20T10:39:01-05:00May 20, 2024|

Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D., recently spoke with Fierce Healthcare about the impact agility, creativity, and attention to detail had on establishing a brand name our partners and their patients trust. “It wasn't a straight path to get to the strong [...]

Infectious Disease Detectives: Finding Answers & Overcoming the ID Specialist Shortage

2024-05-15T09:52:20-05:00May 10, 2024|

Access TeleCare’s board-certified infectious disease specialists often say they act like detectives, pursuing different lines of questioning to find an answer and diagnosis. For patients presenting with complex symptoms and antibiotic resistance, timely access to infectious disease experts makes all the [...]

Hospitalist Telemedicine Transforms Care in More Ways Than One

2024-04-29T12:01:38-05:00April 26, 2024|

Access TeleCare’s hospitalist telemedicine programs are fully integrated into our partner hospitals, adding capacity and providing expert care management to transform care for hospitals and patients. The programs yield positive impacts for patient care, local physician and clinician satisfaction, and partner hospitals’ [...]

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