Telemedicine Enhances Complex Substance Abuse Care for Emergency Departments

Arun Gopal, M.D., national medical director of outpatient care and consultation-liaison telePsychiatry at Access TeleCare, spoke with Behavioral Health Business about Access telemedicine’s critical role in caring for patients with substance abuse disorders in emergency departments.

Emergency rooms are the front line of care for patients with substance abuse disorders, but often lack the capacity and specialty access to care for patients with substance abuse disorders (SUDs), who typically use more than one drug and can also present with complex behavioral health care needs.

“Polysubstance use is usually the norm more so than one drug,” Dr. Gopal said during the interview. “These folks can come in very psychotic. They can be paranoid, they can be having hallucinations.”

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs equip emergency departments with timely access to behavioral health and specialty care experts, enabling emergency teams to deliver care quickly for even the most complex patient cases.


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