With an Access TeleCare telePsychiatry program, hospitals have the ability to more quickly move patients through their emergency departments to the advantage of patients and emergency department care teams. Watch Dr. John Kenny, chief of psychiatry, discuss the value of having a telemedicine psychiatry program for getting patients into a more therapeutic environment more quickly.


Transcript: There’re a few things that using telemedicine does to help the hospital. It helps throughput though their emergency room. One of the things that we are able to do is see patients within a few hours of them getting into the hospital in order to determine their level of safety and what the next appropriate level of care is going to be. Oftentimes that determination is not something that the average emergency room doctor is comfortable making and so we are able to back the emergency room doctors up.  

We’re able to reduce the hospital’s liability because you have a specialist making this judgment call on your behalf. And we’re able to help you move patients through the emergency room, which opens up beds. When patients are in an acute crisis, being stuck in an emergency room is not a therapeutic environment. It’s far too stimulating. It’s very overwhelming and so the ability to move patients onto the next level of care as rapidly as possible is therapeutic and it’s in the patient’s best interest.

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