Largest provider of telePsychiatry services

Largest provider of telePsychiatry services

Our experienced psychiatrists provide mental health coverage for hospital emergency departments as well as consultation-liaison psychiatry inpatient consultations for admitted patients and outpatient medication management & consultation.

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Bringing specialty psychiatric care in the most efficient ways possible to integrate with your clinical operations. Delight health care teams while also providing critical access to psychiatric services in the right place and at the right time.

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Emergency TelePsychiatry

Our emergency telePsychiatry service provides experienced specialists for all psychiatric diagnoses, anywhere in the hospital. The service covers all psychiatry patients presenting in the ED but can be activated anywhere in the hospital.

Consultation-Liaison TelePsychiatry

Our consultation & liaison telePsychiatrists work with on-site hospital teams to collaboratively care for patients with complex medical and/or surgical conditions needing psychiatric support.

Our dedicated consultation-liaison telePsychiatrists are part of hospitals’ multidisciplinary teams to care for patients:

  • With medical conditions that result in psychiatric or behavioral symptoms, such as delirium
  • Who may report physical symptoms as a result of a mental disorder, or patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms
  • Who have attempted suicide or self-harm
  • For whom assistance is needed to assess their capacity to consent to treatment

Scheduled Inpatient TelePsychiatry

Scheduled telePsychiatry is also available for admitted patients with underlying, non-urgent psychiatric complications. Typically, the patient is receiving care for a medical condition and has a coexisting condition, which requires a psychiatrist’s assistance. Patients are seen the same or next day, depending on time to request the consult.

Outpatient TelePsychiatry

With an Access TeleCare outpatient telePsychiatry service, clinics can provide time-sensitive mental health diagnosis and medication management for their patients. Treatment is better integrated with primary care, and crises resulting from medication lapses are reduced.


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