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Focusing on Patient Transfers is not Just About Reducing Outbound Transfers

2023-09-15T18:57:24+00:00October 2, 2023|

When hospitals think about transferring patients, it’s usually about patients needing outbound transfer to a higher-level facility to have their specialty needs met. But, some hospitals are thinking about their capacity to accept inbound transfers from other hospitals in the region [...]

Integrated Workflows to Ensure Telemedicine Success

2023-10-02T20:16:54+00:00August 29, 2023|

One of Access TeleCare’s key differentiators is full integration of its specialists with a partner hospital’s on-site teams, documentation protocols, and other operational processes. Casey Willis, the chief operating officer at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas describes it [...]

The Surprising “Power” of Telemedicine

2023-07-06T11:13:21+00:00July 6, 2023|

When a severe summer storm left CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Winnsboro in rural East Texas without electricity for five days, telemedicine revealed itself to be an unexpected source of power. The Winnsboro hospital has been an Access TeleCare partner since 2017 [...]

How Telemedicine Elevates Your Nursing Staff While Reducing Burnout

2023-04-28T15:56:24+00:00April 28, 2023|

Reducing the burnout of your nurse workforce and expanding their capabilities at the same time is possible with an experienced telemedicine partner. Access TeleCare’s collaborative partnerships emphasize relationship-building with on-site teams and seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. This approach elevates hospitals’ [...]

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