Retaining health care staff has never been more urgent for hospitals. The cost of high turnover and the impact of turnover on patient outcomes means hospitals are investing in multiple strategies to keep their staff. One way hospitals increase job satisfaction and retention rates is ensuring that patients can be completely cared for in the local hospital.

“There’s nothing worse for a health care provider to know that a patient needs something we can’t give them because we do not have the specialty coverage available,” explains Lisa Wallace, chief nursing officer, National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

“If we have to transfer a patient to another facility in order to receive [neurology care], we feel bad about that,” said Wallace. “That’s why the hospital partners with Access TeleCare to have 24/7 neurological coverage available.”

Doing as much for their patients as possible and providing complete care is integral to health care clinicians’ satisfaction with their work. Supporting them in caring for their patients is why Access TeleCare offers specialty telemedicine programs.

Watch the video to learn more about the Access TeleCare teleNeurology partnership with National Park Medical Center.

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