“They’ve been phenomenal. They’ve really done a lot to ask us about our processes. What are the things that you do? What are your normal order sets?”

That’s how Casey Willis, chief operating officer at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas characterizes the onboarding of Access TeleCare’s teleNeurology program with the hospital in summer 2023.

The Access TeleCare Telemedicine Onboarding Process

That onboarding process centers on integrating the Access TeleCare telemedicine specialists with all aspects of the hospital’s operations, staff, and documentation protocols and making sure the specialists build a long-lasting working relationship based on collaboration and trust with on-site teams.

That process includes credentialing and EMR documentation. Access TeleCare follows the hospital’s lead and does not impose another system, app, or process on what staff already use.

“Credentialing for Access TeleCare’s neurologists looks exactly like it does for any other physician or provider coming through National Park Medical Center,” said Lisa Wallace, chief nursing officer. “The due diligence is just the same.”

Full integration also involves creating and sustaining a team-based approach to care delivered in the hospital. Hospitals have a dedicated pod of Access TeleCare specialists with names and phone numbers. No call centers. No unknown providers.

“When our providers go to the call schedule to see who’s on call for neurology, there’s a name and a phone number on there,” said Willis. “They can reach out directly to that person if they need to.”

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Additional Insight

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