When local care teams lack specialty medical resources, delays in care from transferring a patient increase risk and put patient outcomes in the balance, but it can also be a demoralizing experience with travel to far away, unfamiliar care facilities.

Brittnay Mossman
Piggott Health System

“Before telemedicine, if a patient was having difficulty breathing or was septic your mind was almost made up that they would need to be transferred. With telemedicine we have the resources available to care for our patients at the most critical time.”

Through immediate access to specialty care experts, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs equip hospitals of any size to treat more patients locally and meet the care needs of more patients like they are a part of the in-house team. From the moment a patient steps into the hospital all the way through discharge, Access TeleCare’s specialists coordinate and manage patient care alongside on-site teams.

Telemedicine Specialists Acting as Full Members of Your Care Team

“Seeing the Access TeleCare cart and the doctor talking to the patient and then consulting our team was something we had not seen before, but quickly adapted to and really liked. They can do physical exams, review labs, and make clinical decisions all through telemedicine.”

JT DeWitt, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer
Piggott Health System

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine specialists diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications to patients. Working in the hospital’s EMR, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine specialists give on-site teams timely access to specialty medicine experts who can manage acute and post-acute patients. For medical staff, it’s like working with any other onsite specialist.

“Access TeleCare’s physicians know our team and I’ve gotten to know them. I just walk down the hall to the cart to speak to them,” said DeWitt. “I just step in front of the camera to speak to them and it feels like you’re standing in the room with the physician when you’re working with Access TeleCare.”

Change What’s Possible for Your Community With Telemedicine

A telemedicine partnership with Access TeleCare isn’t just limited to transfer reductions. It changes the dynamics of what can be possible for local hospitals, patients, and their communities as new specialists mitigate the need for transfers.

James Magee
Executive Director
Piggott Health System

“To have specialty care access right there with the acute-care patients offers great health care opportunities for our community. Telemedicine helped us improve our reputation by correcting the impression that our hospital was just a waystation where you go to see where you’ll be transferred to for the care you need. It helps us keep more patients in their own community for their health care. ”

Learn more about how telemedicine can reshape care for your community like it did in Piggott and see what Access TeleCare makes possible for other communities and health systems across the country.

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Additional Insight

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