For primary care providers wanting to expand their capacity to care for their patients’ behavioral health care needs, an integrated telemedicine solution can be the answer.

With 60 to 80 percent of primary care visits including a behavioral health component, patients increasingly expect their pediatricians, internal medicine, and family practice physicians to be able to help with behavioral health symptoms and challenges. Combined with a national shortage of psychiatrists and other behavioral health professionals, primary care providers are implementing innovative solutions to address patients’ behavioral health needs in-house.

One such innovation is telemedicine within their practice.

Telemedicine can be the difference between meeting a patient’s behavioral health care needs internally or referring them to an external specialist. Timely access to in-house behavioral health professionals eliminates the need for outside referrals, which a patient may not follow through on or may take months to fulfill.

Access TeleCare’s behavioral health telemedicine programs support both timely access to behavioral health care for patients and full integration so primary care teams can treat more patients within their own practice. Medication management and talk therapy are available quickly and seamlessly.

Broadening Access to Behavioral Health Care Through Telemedicine

Access TeleCare’s virtual outpatient behavioral health solutions eliminate geographic and logistical barriers to care.

Access TeleCare replaces mental health deserts with convenient access to dedicated psychiatrists and behavioral health professionals who care for patients every step of the way.

– John Kenny, M.D.
Access TeleCare chief of psychiatry

Mental health screenings that identify a potential problem can more easily be followed up with an assessment by a behavioral health professional; patients whose mental health is stable are more likely to stay on track with medications and recovery plans; and fewer patients leave their primary care provider untreated or with a discouraging referral to a specialist possibly hours away or with a months-long waitlist. Telemedicine places these benefits and more just a few clicks away and brings your patients closer to behavioral health care and positive mental and overall health outcomes.

With Access TeleCare’s tech-enabled behavioral health services you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce long wait times: Increase access to behavioral health care and cut long wait times of weeks and months down to days and hours.
  • Improve patient outcomes: Let us handle the behavioral health issues of your patients so your care teams can focus on the other health issues and achieve better health outcomes.
  • Remove barriers to care: Patients can attend virtual behavioral health visits right in your clinic’s telehealth rooms or from the comfort of home, removing the need to travel.
  • Enable care teams: Our clinicians will become a part of your team, work directly within your EMR system, collaborate with your care teams, and become a true extension of your care delivery capabilities.

Whether your medical group or practice is looking to augment behavioral health capacity or seeking a more robust solution to manage all aspects of behavioral health care for your patients, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs can be customized to fit the needs and goals of your practice.

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