Access TeleCare will join health care leaders from across the state to share information and discuss the trends shaping the health care industry during this year’s THA Annual Conference, February 15-16 in Dallas.

Access TeleCare has delivered significant improvements and advancements for providers across Texas, bringing more Texans closer to acute specialty care. From teleStroke programs in Sulphur Springs to pulmonary and critical care programs in Palo Pinto and maternal-fetal medicine programs caring for high-risk pregnancies in Laredo, our telemedicine specialists are improving care and outcomes for patients all over Texas.

Contact us to learn more about our telemedicine programs and visit booth 109 during the conference to talk with our team.

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Additional Insight

Get more insight into Access TeleCare’s unique approach to telemedicine. From clinical workflows to ensuring coverage through world class physicians, we have hospitals and clinics covered across the country.