Access TeleCare’s chief of infectious disease, Jade Le, M.D. has been selected as a member of the newly formed American Telemedicine Association Clinician Council to eliminate barriers to broader adoption of telehealth and virtual care delivery models.

“Advancing telehealth access and reducing barriers to virtual care is just as important as the technology itself,” said Le. “I’m proud to be a part of this team as we work with partners across the industry to advance telehealth access and bring specialty care closer to the patients who need it.”

In addition to supporting emerging platforms that will allow for wider use of telehealth, the council will create a trust agenda to promote responsibility, credibility, and integrity in health care.

“The work of the Clinician Council will focus on building a climate of trust within the healthcare community and society at large, and advise on topics such as healthcare ethics, patient and provider experiences with virtual care, and standards, guidelines and practices the ATA expects members to follow,” council chair and senior ATA clinical advisor Joe Kvedar, M.D. said in a statement.

Dr. Le has led Access TeleCare’s infectious disease service line since 2020 deploying inpatient and outpatient infectious disease programs in hospitals across the country.

More information and a full list of council members can be found here.

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