For the first time in almost 10 years, new guidance has been issued on the use of antibiotics after surgery.

In a recently published report, antibiotic guidance now calls for physicians to cease the use of antibiotic prophylaxis immediately following surgery. The new research reveals that the continued use of antibiotics after surgery does not prevent infections from occurring and can even increase the patient’s risk of contracting a colon infection or antimicrobial resistance.

According to the study, “no evidence that continuing antibiotics after a patient’s incision has been closed, even if it has drains, prevents surgical site infections.”

With Access TeleCare’s antibiotic stewardship programs, hospitals can be sure they are always operating according to the latest antibiotic guidelines and best practices.

Every Access TeleCare antibiotic stewardship program is led by a board-certified infectious disease specialist who works with on-site pharmacy leaders to reduce costs and help prevent antimicrobial resistance among patients.

“Our specialist-led antibiotic stewardship programs dramatically reduce unnecessary antibiotic use as another layer of high-quality care for patients,” said Jade Le, M.D., Access TeleCare chief of infectious disease.

By adhering to the latest antibiotic guidance and reducing unnecessary antibiotic use, Access TeleCare delivers antibiotic stewardship programs that reduce overexposure for patients while also giving hospitals an extra layer of quality oversight.

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