Hospitalist Challenges Telemedicine Can Help Solve

2022-09-21T15:46:03-05:00September 16, 2018|

Hospitalists, in general, are the decathletes of the healthcare industry. They care for complicated hospitalized patients around-the-clock, coordinate care between different doctors, order and follow-up on tests, meet with patients’ family members, and deal with a multitude of problems as they arise. [...]

Telemedicine Credentialing, Licensing and Privileging: A Primer

2023-11-03T22:19:05-05:00September 16, 2018|

Credentialing, licensing and privileging (CLP) is a long and resource-intensive ordeal for all physician practices and hospitals. Telemedicine companies are no exception. There is a great deal of variability in requirements and procedures from each state, licensing board, and hospital. What [...]

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