Access TeleCare purposefully implements telemedicine programs to cultivate positive-physician nurse relationships. We were thrilled to be part of the Association of California Nurse Leaders’ conference this month.

The “Great Resignation” in health care is real. What was a challenge before the pandemic is now a crisis, as more nurses are leaving their permanent staff positions for temporary travel positions or leaving the profession altogether.  

The reasons for the nursing shortage are many, but burnout has risen to the top of the list as the pandemic wears on. Burnout has multiple causes, but research has identified certain factors that can mitigate it and enhance job satisfaction and retention. These factors include support for education, positive physician-nurse relationships, nurse autonomy, and nurse manager support.  

Access TeleCare purposefully implements its telemedicine programs to cultivate positive-physician nurse relationships, enhance nurse autonomy, and support nurse education. Telemedicine physicians are more dependent on nurses than physicians working in-person. A meaningful, collaborative and mutually respectful professional relationship that prioritizes open dialogue is critical for achieving quality outcomes for patients and for the longevity of the telemedicine operation.  

One nurse leader described the collaboration with our specialists this way: “Our nurses know [the specialists] will respond to requests for information, guidance and advice with respect and professionalism … The partnership has raised our standard of care as nurses.”  

Another said, “[The specialists] aren’t remote to us. They’ve become a big part of our team here. If we call and say ‘we need you,’ they’re available. There’s no downtime. And, they care about our well-being. The telemedicine program is a huge blessing.”  

While telemedicine may not be the first solution that comes to mind as hospitals look for ways to address the nurse staffing crisis, a thoughtfully implemented specialty telemedicine program can enhance nurses’ job satisfaction and professional development, two factors known to reduce burnout and increase retention.  

Access TeleCare’s success over the last more than 17 years stems in large part from our prioritization of professional collaboration among nurses and our specialists. Access TeleCare builds telemedicine programs in 11 different specialties, from telecardiology to tele-maternal-fetal medicine, which support and nurture teamwork among specialists and in-person nurses, physicians, and other clinicians to deliver excellence in patient outcomes and experience.

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