When hospitals and clinics embrace the transformative power of telemedicine, more communities gain access to timely specialty care, more in-person providers receive support, and more patients get the care they need.

Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D., recently joined the Iowa Hospital Association to discuss how Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs address disparities in treatment and specialty care access affecting health outcomes for patients, particularly in underserved rural communities.

“We’re laser-focused on leveraging telemedicine to ensure timely access to specialty care and lay the foundation for more patients in underserved areas to receive care,” said Gallagher. “Through telemedicine, we have the power to change the trajectory of care and improve outcomes for patients who otherwise would not have access to specialty care.”

From behavioral health to neurology and beyond, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs deliver timely access to specialty care experts for hospitals and clinics of any size, regardless of the local specialty care presence.

Watch Dr. Gallagher’s full interview with the Iowa Hospital Association and contact us to learn more about what telemedicine can do for your community.