After a rigorous selection process that assessed leaders in the infectious disease field from across the U.S., the Infectious Diseases Society of America selected Access TeleCare’s chief of infectious disease, Jade Le, M.D. as part of its 2023 Community of Leaders program.

As part of the program, Dr. Le will work alongside other infectious disease specialists to tackle health care challenges and further identify and explore opportunities for advancements that will benefit communities everywhere.

The Community of Leaders program also empowers experts like Dr. Le with additional leadership tools and skills to drive innovations and advance the health care industry as a whole and offers opportunities to build on her strong foundation of leadership.

Dr. Le is the only physician representing telemedicine in the program. She serves as a great example of Access TeleCare’s leadership and drive to advance clinical excellence through telemedicine.

Learn more about our teleInfectious Disease program here.

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