Access TeleCare’s founding mission is to eliminate geographic and distance barriers to specialty care by leveraging the power of telemedicine. From its first program in rural East Texas to its national reach today, Access TeleCare has sustained a commitment to working with hospitals of all sizes and locations to make sure that zip code is not a barrier to timely specialty care.

Access TeleCare will be on site at the 2024 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, February 11-14 in Orlando, Florida to share our insights and showcase the work we are doing to connect more patients in rural areas to high-quality, timely specialty care.

From deploying a fully virtual behavioral health program in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to supporting a hospital in Sulphur Springs, Texas with five specialty telemedicine service lines, Access TeleCare works with rural hospitals to identify areas of need and build sustainable telemedicine programs that meet patients’ care needs and help hospitals achieve their financial and operational goals.

Contact us to learn more about our sustainable telemedicine programs customized for rural hospitals and stop by booth 53 during the conference to talk with our team.

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Additional Insight

Get more insight into Access TeleCare’s unique approach to telemedicine. From clinical workflows to ensuring coverage through world class physicians, we have hospitals and clinics covered across the country.