Maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide an extra layer of confidence for expecting pregnant people and their families as they navigate the complexity around their pregnancy care.

By delivering accurate ultrasound interpretation and 24/7 inpatient coverage from experienced teleMaternal-fetal physicians, our specialists are part of inpatient and outpatient teams who can help allay worries and stress in advance of delivery, which increases patient satisfaction and gives patients peace of mind in the quality of their pregnancy care from prenatal care to delivery.

“Accurate ultrasound interpretation helps avoid unexpected surprises during delivery,” said Dr. Amanda Horton, Access TeleCare’s chief of maternal-fetal medicine. “Our experienced teleMFM specialists are with the patient every step of the way, keeping them informed about their pregnancy care.”

A Comprehensive teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine Program

Access TeleCare’s comprehensive teleMFM programs feature up-to-date screening processes that ensure any abnormalities are detected in a timely manner, giving local care teams time to implement the care patients need as soon as they need it. With the backing of an accurate diagnosis, Access TeleCare’s teleMFM specialists collaborate with the local care team to deliver the best possible care for patients, keeping them informed and prepared for each step in their care plan.

“With Access TeleCare, no pregnant person is ever in the dark about their care”, said Dr. Horton. “Patients can rest easy knowing they’ve got a team of experts behind them throughout their pregnancy journey.”

Access TeleCare’s teleMFM programs deliver clinical excellence for patients in virtually any hospital or clinic, helping both expecting pregnant people and the local care team feel secure and confident in the quality of obstetrical care being delivered.

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