Samantha McGill, MSN, APRN, FNP-C initially was hesitant to step into a telemedicine career after years of practice as an in-person neurology advanced practice provider. But, Access TeleCare’s commitment to recreating the in-person APP work experience and prioritizing clinical excellence led her to pursue a neurology APP career with the company in 2021.

“I was initially hesitant about the clinical quality I would be able to provide patients via telemedicine,” said McGill. “But my reservations were quickly put at ease when I saw that I could continue providing the same level of care for my patients I had been providing in-person.”

How teleNeurology Enhances Advanced Practice Providers

Access TeleCare’s teleNeurology programs see neurology APPs take on similar tasks and routines, including rounding, that would be expected of any in-person service, with an emphasis on building relationships with on-site and other telemedicine team members and patients.

“The opportunity to have a familiar structure to my workday made the transition to telemedicine much smoother than I could have imagined,” said McGill. “Access TeleCare has done an excellent job emulating the in-person care experience, and both APPs and patients benefit from that focus on great care through telemedicine.”

From beginning and end-of-day connections with attending physicians to seeing patients on rounds and responding to emergencies, Access TeleCare neurology APPs maintain familiar daily work structures, allowing for a smooth transition into a telemedicine career.

“Our APPs are an integral part of our neurology programs,” said Access TeleCare’s chief of neurology, Dr. Annie Tsui. “We’ve laid the groundwork for our neurology APPs to further their careers through telemedicine, helping us scale our programs while providing the same level of clinical excellence they would provide in an in-person setting.”

Access TeleCare pioneered rewarding and clinically excellent programs for neurology APPs as the largest and most experienced telemedicine company in the country.

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