Avoiding transfers. Keeping patients closer to home.

  • Accelerated the time to receiving care.
  • Promoted the delivery of integrated care.
  • Increased nurse and physician satisfaction.
  • Enhanced nurses’ skills.
  • Delighted patients.

More ways we play a crucial role in reducing transfers

Telemedicine can play a significant role in reducing the need for patient transfers in hospitals, which is beneficial for both patients and healthcare systems. Here are some ways Access TeleCare can achieve this by working with your team:


  1. Remote consultations with specialists: Telemedicine allows specialty physicians to consult with inpatients while working with on-site staff like a member of the team. This means that patients with complex conditions can receive expert care without being transferred to another facility. This can lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, potentially avoiding unnecessary transfers.
  2. Timely Monitoring in the hospital EMR: We team enables continuous monitoring of patients and their care through the hospital EMR.


By leveraging telemedicine in these ways, hospitals can provide more comprehensive care to patients without the need for unnecessary transfers, which can be costly and disruptive to the patient’s continuity of care.

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Additional Insight

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