Access TeleCare’s chief of infectious disease, Jade Le, M.D. represents the only telemedicine practitioner on the editorial board of Oxford Academic’s Open Forum Infectious Diseases, one of the journals that comprises Oxford University Press’ academic research platform. In her elected position as associate editor, Dr. Le will have the opportunity to contribute her unique, telemedicine-informed perspective and expertise to the publication.

Enhancing Patient Care with Telemedicine

Her involvement on the editorial board is just one of the ways Dr. Le embodies Access TeleCare’s values of excellence and creativity, as she finds new and exciting ways to contribute to research that improves the lives of patients everywhere.

Dr. Le is the only physician on the editorial board who practices primarily in a non-academic setting, lending her patient-centered approach to care to the board as it seeks to enhance patient care through its published findings.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases is an online, fully open access journal that publishes clinical, translational, and basic research with an emphasis on improving patient care on a global level. Read more about our teleInfectious Disease service line.

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