As part of Access TeleCare’s teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine program, its ultrasound services for both inpatient and outpatient settings show remarkable success in detecting abnormalities initially considered normal.

A teleMFM program from Access TeleCare increases imaging volume for hospitals and clinics by offering 24/7 access to ultrasound interpretation from experienced imaging experts.

“We’re increasing the number of patients who can be screened at their local hospital or clinic,” said Dr. Amanda Horton, Access TeleCare’s chief of maternal-fetal medicine. “Our imaging experts ensure patients get an accurate diagnosis and that our hospital and clinic partners have the MFM expertise they need as soon as they need it.”

When taking on interpretation of all ultrasound exams at a community obstetrics practice, Access TeleCare’s teleMFM specialists detected abnormalities in 6 percent of scans initially considered “normal”.

“While some of these findings require local follow up, some diagnoses are critical and life threatening,” said Horton. “Without an accurate diagnosis prior to delivery, patients risk delivering their child in a facility that may not have the necessary neonatal specialty support, endangering their pregnancy.”

A Comprehensive teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine Program

In addition to excellent ultrasound interpretation, the program includes ongoing quality control, continuing medical education, and detailed analytics for all readings. Combined with Access TeleCare’s collaborative approach, the ultrasound program elevates the capabilities of on-site sonographers, advancing the quality of local imaging services and the number of patients who can be seen.

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