Access TeleCare’s telemedicine service lines improves patients’ lives through timely access to specialty care, and for many rural communities, that means ensuring access to specialists in places where network connectivity and reliability can be a challenge.

“For rural health care providers, there can be challenges with network issues and Wi-Fi access, so it’s important to have redundancies with cellular backups,” said Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. “We ensure that care can happen as soon as it’s needed.”

According to a recent report from the FCC, 22.3 percent of Americans in rural areas lack access to reliable high-speed internet, highlighting the connectivity issues facing many rural hospitals.

Access TeleCare Ensures Telemedicine Connectivity in Rural Areas

In addition to prioritizing ease-of-use through intuitive technology, Access TeleCare delivers peace of mind with cellular redundancies that ensure connectivity even if a hospital is experiencing internet connectivity problems. Reliable and high-quality care for patients should never be impacted by technical issues, and Access TeleCare is dedicated to providing world-class care that can be implemented in virtually any community.

Access TeleCare’s president/CEO, Dr. Chris Gallagher, discussed Access TeleCare’s commitment to rural communities, among other topics, in a fireside chat at the recent American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference. Contact us today for more information.

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