One of Access TeleCare’s key differentiators is full integration of its specialists with a partner hospital’s on-site teams, documentation protocols, and other operational processes.

Casey Willis, the chief operating officer at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas describes it this way: “Part of the reason our providers love the services that Access TeleCare provides is because they’re acting just like part of our medical staff.”

Full integration works in multiple ways:

  • Each hospital has a dedicated “pod” of Access TeleCare specialists. On-site teams get to know these physicians just as they would in-person physicians. Partner hospitals are not calling into a remote call center not knowing who they’ll be working with on the other end. The Access TeleCare specialists dedicated to each partner hospital build relationships with on-site physicians, nurses, and other clinicians based on collegiality, collaboration, and cohesiveness.
  • Access TeleCare’s specialists are credentialed with each hospital and follow each hospital’s credentialing process as if they were an in-person specialist.
  • Access TeleCare’s specialists work with the partner hospital’s native EMR. The notes, orders, and plans all are visible to any provider on-site, and the sharing of clinical information occurs in real time.

National Park Medical Center launched a teleNeurology program with Access TeleCare in July 2023, citing the seamless integration of the Access TeleCare teleNeurologists into existing workflows as one of the aspects it found most appealing and integral to the program’s acceptance with on-site staff.

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