Telemedicine is about “delivering something most people take for granted…access to high-quality healthcare throughout the country, no matter where you go,” writes Dr. Jason Hallock, Access TeleCare’s chief clinical innovation officer in a new article for Forbes Business Council.

While telemedicine’s use skyrocketed during the pandemic, the real success story is not the proliferation of technology but telemedicine’s power to support every hospital’s ability to provide a full range of consultative specialty services for patients with any number of complex, high-acuity conditions. The examples are many, according to Hallock: “remote technology is being used to give rural hospitals and clinics access to specialist care they could never have had access to in the past. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists can beam into rural areas to consult on difficult, high-risk pregnancies. Remote pulmonologists can help onsite nurses and doctors care for critically ill Covid patients on respirators. And psychiatrists can help alleviate a critical shortage of mental health resources in parts of the country that are woefully underserved.”

Access TeleCare is the country’s largest inpatient telemedicine provider with more than 2,240 specialty telemedicine programs across the country. These programs include pulmonary and critical care, psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, infectious disease, and maternal-fetal medicine.

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