Access TeleCare’s telePulmonary and critical care program increased one hospital’s case mix index (CMI) by 19 percent year over year.

A recent analysis of CMI data for an Access TeleCare partner hospital revealed a significant 19 percent increase in the hospital’s CMI from May 2022 to May 2023. Since starting a telePulmonary and critical care program at the rural hospital in June 2022, Access TeleCare helped raise the hospital’s average monthly CMI to 1.6, beating the national average according to Definitive Healthcare.

The Benefit of telePulmonary and Critical Care Programs

Access TeleCare’s telePulmonary and critical care (PCC) programs provide timely access to specialists so hospitals can retain more patients and care for more patients with complex conditions.

Access TeleCare’s specialists help hospitals fully staff ICUs that give more patients access to complex care right in their community, raising the capabilities and competencies of on-site clinicians.

When caring for higher acuity patients in need of a critical care specialist, Access TeleCare offers hospitals the flexibility to treat those patients anywhere in the hospital. With both inpatient and outpatient PCC programs, Access TeleCare can help virtually any hospital treat more complex, high acuity patients, increasing the hospital’s CMI and reducing transfers and patients’ length of stay.

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Additional Insight

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