Outpatient services and solutions using tele-specialists


Access TeleCare works with outpatient clinics to build customized telemedicine programs that bring specialists to your patients to meet the quality, care, and financial goals you establish.

Our board-certified/board-eligible specialists work with your on-site clinicians to deliver coordinated, integrated care. Clinics have known, dedicated specialist(s) who work with your teams and are accountable to your facility’s goals.

Overview of Outpatient Services and Solutions

How it Works

  • Primary care provider refers patients to the telemedicine specialist
  • Telemedicine clinic team schedules the appointment
  • Patient comes to regular clinic for the scheduled appointment
  • Telemedicine visits utilize hospital/clinic EMR for documentation
  • Half day per month minimum, no maximum

Benefits of an Access TeleCare Outpatient Telemedicine Program

  • Chronic care management
  • Initial & follow up visits
  • Post-hospital discharge clinic; reduce preventable readmissions/penalties
  • Serve more patients locally and stop losing patient volume to larger health systems.
  • Offer a wider range of services than would be possible if in-person physicians had to be recruited and retained
  • Support on-site medical staff with consultative expertise

Why is the use of eICU use growing

There are several reasons that the use of eICU is growing:

  • Physician shortages make it hard to recruit enough intensivists to staff appropriately.
  • An aging population means that there is more demand for services.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to protect providers so that they can avoid exposure and continue to treat patients
  • With high demand and not enough supply, physicians experience burnout trying to make up the gap.
  • The rapid acceleration of the adoption of technology, like mobile phones, means consumers expect more convenience in their healthcare.

eICU coverage can also help hospitals who have critical care physicians on staff, allowing them to offload some of their work and gain visibility into what is happening across the hospital and leverage their own skillset more broadly.

“As community hospitals, we have to reduce the burden of transfers and travel for our patients and their families.”

“As community hospitals, we have to reduce the burden of transfers and travel for our patients and their families.”

Access TeleCare brings specialists to your patients, at your hospital and clinics.

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