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Our experienced neurologists can provide coverage anywhere in your hospital, including teleStroke in your ED.

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Overview of teleNeurology Services and Solutions

Telestroke And Emergency Neurology

Our emergency teleNeurology service covers all neurological emergencies occurring in any location in the hospital, including acute stroke. While stroke may be the most familiar reason for emergency teleNeurology, our neurologists are deeply experienced in handling all varieties of neurologic issues, both urgent and non-urgent. We provide real-time access and rapid response from an experienced and board-certified neurologist.

Inpatient Neurology

Our inpatient teleNeurology service is focused on admitted patients in the hospital setting. These cases are typically more clinically complex. Consult requests may be initiated 24/7. If requested before noon, the consult is scheduled for the same day before 5pm; otherwise it is scheduled by noon on the following day. Examples of inpatient teleNeurology consultations:

  • TIA/Stroke follow up
  • Vertigo/gait and balance issues
  • Management of seizures
  • Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s/tremors
  • Myelopathy
  • Neuropathy/neuromuscular consultation

EEG Interpretation

Routine, non-continuous EEG interpretation is available for our clients. Typically, reviews are conducted and a report provided within 24 hours of study transmission.

Our TeleNeurology Footprint


teleNeurology consults per month
door-to-needle time as low as 37 minutes
median time to video (in minutes for emergency neuro)


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