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Reducing Transfers for Cardiology Patients – Cuero Regional Case Study

2023-11-03T20:55:46+00:00March 31, 2022|

Avoiding transfers. Keeping patients closer to home. Our teleCardiology partnership with Cuero Regional Hospital in just one year resulted in more than 100 patients avoiding transfer to remote hospitals. Download the case study to learn more about how that partnership: Accelerated [...]

Tapped to Lead: the Access TeleCare Story

2022-12-20T20:25:13+00:00February 11, 2022|

When Chris Gallagher, M.D., first started designing his telemedicine company, Access Physicians, he saw early players in the tele-health care community taking shape in various ways. To him, SOC Telemed was leading in the space — the “Goliath” of telemedicine. Years [...]

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