When Chris Gallagher, M.D., first started designing his telemedicine company, Access Physicians, he saw early players in the tele-health care community taking shape in various ways. To him, SOC Telemed was leading in the space — the “Goliath” of telemedicine.

Years later, the company he and his team built as an integrated service for health systems, hospitals, and clinics became the acquisition target for the company he had idealized as a leader in telemedicine. Today, Dr. Gallagher leaders what was once SOC Telemed and his original team at Access Physicians as Access TeleCare following acquisition of Forefront Telecare.

The Access TeleCare Process

Access TeleCare prioritizes its operations around a workflow of processes to become a sort of “white label” telemedicine service for hospitals to embed top specialists such as cardiologists, neurologists, and pulmonologists in hospitals using remote technology



Access TeleCare acquired Access Physicians in Q2 2021, and Gallagher took over as president of a division of SOC.

Soon, however, Gallagher would be eyed to take over as CEO of the entire organization with a vision for turning around a falling stock price and ignite a trajectory for SOC that Access Physicians had been on prior to its acquisition.

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Will Maddox, managing editor of D CEO magazine and editor of D CEO Healthcare, walks readers through Access Physicians’ founding to its acquisition and highlights Gallagher’s new role as he continues to realize his original vision of clinical excellence through telemedicine.

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