Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. and UnityPoint Health interim chief medical officer Cate Ranheim, M.D. discussed telemedicine’s central role in shaping the future of health care delivery during a Becker’s Healthcare Webinar.

For more than two decades, Access TeleCare has operated at the forefront of virtual care delivery, advancing telemedicine as a sustainable, strategic solution for the challenges modern health care providers face. Our telemedicine programs have yielded significant results for our hospital partners and a wealth of insights into the future of health care delivery.

During the webinar, Drs. Gallagher and Ranheim discussed:

  • Telemedicine’s ability to address common hospital pain points including physician burnout, workforce shortages, specialist availability, access to care, and timeliness of care.
  • The value of telemedicine in both rural and urban communities, with a focus on neurology and behavioral health.
  • Telemedicine program implementation best practices.
  • Real-world case studies that highlight the impact of telemedicine programs on hospital financials and patient outcomes.

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