Working with partner hospitals to solve access to care challenges and remove barriers to high-acuity, specialty care is Access TeleCare’s mission. With workforce, financial challenges, and behavioral health landing in the top slots of hospital CEOs’ challenges, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives’ annual survey, Access TeleCare is well-positioned to be hospitals’ long-term partner to minimize these stressors.

Based on the ACHE survey, these are CEOs’ most significant challenges and how Access TeleCare can address them:

Workforce Challenges

From overcoming physician shortages to addressing burnout for physicians and nursing staff, telemedicine creates sustainable, long-term solutions for hospitals’ workforce needs. By enhancing the capacity and capabilities of on-site teams, our telemedicine specialists alleviate workforce challenges for hospitals of any size.

Financial Hurdles

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs allow hospitals to deploy a wide range of specialty care experts without incurring the traditional costs associated with hiring additional on-site providers. By integrating efficient and scalable models of care with a tailored approach to each hospital’s unique needs and capabilities, financial sustainability remains a core component of every Access TeleCare program.

Behavioral Health and Addiction

Through telemedicine, hospitals can significantly broaden their behavioral health offerings with timely access to behavioral health providers. From acute hospital emergency departments to freestanding behavioral health hospitals, our behavioral health telemedicine programs ensure patients receive the care they need quickly, and that hospitals have the resources they need to overcome complex behavioral health challenges.

Access to Care

Removing barriers to specialty care access is central to the mission of Access TeleCare. No patient’s access to care should be limited because of where they live. Whether in a rural setting or a large, urban health system, Access TeleCare ensures patients have timely access to the care they need as soon as its needed.

Patient Safety

Access TeleCare holds both Joint Commission accreditation and HITRUST certification, underscoring our commitment to uphold the highest level of patient safety. We share the mission of our partners to provide the best possible care for patients without ever compromising or cutting corners on patient safety.

Patient Satisfaction

Improving patient outcomes while keeping patients in their local community for care is the right recipe for boosting patient satisfaction and meeting their care needs. When combined with thoughtful telemedicine specialists dedicated to providing a great patient experience via telemedicine, Access TeleCare helps hospitals not just meet their community’s care expectations, but exceed them.


A common concern with telemedicine technologies is the additional complexity for on-site staff and the fear that patients will not feel cared for if their physician is on a screen. Our easy-to-use telemedicine platform is designed with both of these concerns in mind, ensuring on-site staff’s existing workflows are not disrupted and patients receive the best possible care experience.

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs provide hospital CEOs and their teams with the resources, guidance, and clinical expertise to overcome many of their biggest challenges. From financial sustainability and long-term staffing solutions to fast and reliable access to specialty care experts, contact us to see how Access TeleCare can deliver solutions for your hospital.

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