When someone needs specialty care, the expectation is the local hospital will provide it, especially if the particular specialty has been available locally in the past.

Patients don’t always understand that not every hospital has every specialty covered and that their particular condition or need may not be able to be cared for in the local hospital. Having to transfer a patient with a need that cannot be met locally is not only inefficient, it can be frustrating for the patient and erode the trust they have in their local hospital.

National Park Medical Center launched a teleNeurology program with Access TeleCare in July 2023 to meet its community’s expectations for locally available neurology care.

“We have provided [neurology] in the past, and we need to continue to provide it in the future,” explained Casey Willis, chief operating officer, National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas as the primary reason the hospital sought a teleNeurology partnership with Access TeleCare.

Having comprehensive care available that includes neurology is essential for building rapport and trust with the community, according to Willis.

The teleNeurology partnership provides “faster, better care, more complete care for the patient,” added Lisa Wallace, chief nursing officer. “It helps keep them in the community and it helps us get them to their next destination in a more timely fashion.”

Watch the video to learn more about the Access TeleCare teleNeurology partnership with National Park Medical Center.

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