Reducing the burnout of your nurse workforce and expanding their capabilities at the same time is possible with an experienced telemedicine partner.

Access TeleCare’s collaborative partnerships emphasize relationship-building with on-site teams and seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. This approach elevates hospitals’ staff’s knowledge and comfort level with providing complex care, raising their professional competencies, supporting professional development and advancement, and enhancing work satisfaction – all keys to successful nurse retention.

How Telemedicine Supports Nurses

Support for education, positive physician-nurse relationships, nurse autonomy, and nurse manager support are key factors that reduce burnout and increase nurse retention, and Access TeleCare’s specialists are committed to supporting hospital nursing staff and advancing their capabilities to care for and retain patients with complex care needs. Through 24/7 availability and a collaborative approach, our telemedicine specialists go beyond simply seeing more patients to help enhance hospitals’ practices.

Access TeleCare’s Collaborative Process

Access TeleCare’s National Director of Advanced Practice Providers Lauren Ingram, MSN, MS, APRN, FNP-C, sums it up this way: “The power of collaborative telemedicine brings complex care to patients quickly. This helps local hospitals transfer fewer patients to other facilities and improve outcomes.” Contact Access TeleCare for more information.

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Additional Insight

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