Many communities Access TeleCare operates in lack any neurological care presence, which creates a tremendous opportunity for teleNeurologists not only to provide excellent care for patients, but also to guide hospitals and their staff through the development of their neurological care program.

“We’re normalizing neuro care,” said Access TeleCare’s chief of neurology, Dr. Annie Tsui. “We’re helping the nursing staff, hospitalists, and the ED doctors feel comfortable keeping patients local for care.”

Local Health Care Through Teleneurology

Access TeleCare’s teleNeurology programs are not simply on-demand initial consultative services. The programs offer the full spectrum of neurological care where the teleNeurologist co-manages patients as part of a fully integrated telemedicine program.

In addition to neurological care, the program offers medical directorships and teaching opportunities to teleNeurologists that allow them to further develop the culture of neurological care in their community and engage with on-site partners through educational seminars and programs.

Dr. Tsui sums it up this way: “We’re reaching patients individually and directly, while also transforming the entire landscape of neurological care and standards.”

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