Dr. Jason Hallock, SOC Telemed’s chief medical officer, recently took part in a radio and satellite media tour to raise awareness and explain the importance of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to broadcast stations across the country, here are some of the key takeaways from his tour:

  • Telemedicine is serving as an effective infection control policy, keeping both healthcare providers and patients safer from COVID-19
  • The CDC is urging doctors and hospitals alike to first assess potentially-infected patients remotely and suggests that patients with mild symptoms from COVID-19 can be cared for at home when possible, monitored closely using virtual check-ins
  • With COVID-19, telemedicine’s biggest role may be in capacity management for the nation’s healthcare system
  • By using acute telemedicine, emergency rooms can see relief in overcrowding by quickly screening and providing access to specialists for other areas of care not related to the virus.

Coverage from Fox 7 Austin, Texas:


Other resulting television coverage:

Hear more about the importance of telemedicine from Dr. Hallock by clicking on the audio links, below:

SOC Remains Committed

SOC is committed to transforming healthcare by offering patients increased access to the highest quality care via telehealth technology both now and beyond the current pandemic. As a partner to more than 600 hospitals and healthcare systems across the country, we are bringing clinicians and patients together using innovative technologies that are improving clinical care and patient outcomes in a measurable way.


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