For many hospitals, the addition of a telemedicine program can represent a significant adjustment in operations, for both staff and patients.

“We’re changing the models of care in an industry that is historically resistant to change,” said Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. “We’re persistent about utilizing telemedicine to drive changes that will improve patients’ lives with timely access to care and navigating those changes with our hospital partners.”

Access TeleCare’s Experience with Telemedicine Implementation

Access TeleCare’s experience provides hospitals of any size and location with a roadmap for successfully implementing telemedicine programs that staff and patients feel comfortable with. The company’s unique, collaborative approach fits each program into the existing processes and workflows of its hospital partners, ensuring onsite staff encounter minimum disruptions to their work.

For patients, Access TeleCare’s patient-focused programs emphasize connecting with patients in meaningful ways, breaking through the screen™ to erase the physical distance between patient and physician. Dedicated pods of physicians ensure that every patient and on-site team member can build a relationship with the specialists and establish trust.

With nearly 20 years of telemedicine experience, Access TeleCare is well-versed in helping its hospital partners navigate the changes that telemedicine can bring. From a seamless integration process to patient-centered programs, Access TeleCare helps its partners quickly adjust to delivering specialty telemedicine.

Access TeleCare’s president/CEO, Dr. Chris Gallagher, discussed Access TeleCare’s ability to navigate and manage change, among other topics, in a fireside chat at the recent American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference. Contact us today for more information.

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Additional Insight

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