A hospital’s ability to quickly implement specialty telemedicine programs should not be impacted by delays in the licensing process for telemedicine specialists. Access TeleCare ensures new physicians acquire the appropriate medical licenses quickly so hospital partners can begin delivering needed specialty care to patients sooner.

“It is incredibly important for our physicians to truly be peers with the onsite medical staff they work with,” said Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. “We emphasize getting our physicians licensed in the states they will be working in quickly to ensure they have the same licenses, staffing privileges, and workflow processes as their onsite peers.”

An Expedited Licensing Process for Telemedicine Specialists

Licensing can present a significant challenge for new physicians, with some state licenses taking up to eight months to obtain. As part of its strategy to make sure new specialists obtain their medical licenses quickly, Access TeleCare partners with the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, an organization that offers an expedited process for physician licensure in the compact’s 37 participating states.

An expedited licensing process removes barriers for new Access TeleCare physicians to work across state lines, benefiting physicians, onsite partners, and patients who have access to the full spectrum of care from fully licensed specialists.

Access TeleCare’s president/CEO, Dr. Chris Gallagher, discussed Access TeleCare’s strategy for quickly licensing physicians, among other topics, in a fireside chat at the recent American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference. Contact us today for more information.

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