10 Lessons Learned after over a Million Telemedicine Consults

2023-11-07T20:55:31-06:00July 29, 2021|

Access TeleCare began providing teleNeurology consultations in 2004. As we built our telemedicine practice to include telePsychiatry and teleICU, we skinned our knees and learned a lot of valuable lessons. Our physicians, hospital partners, Consult Coordination Center, and quality team all provided [...]

Three Barriers to Scaling Telemedicine During a Pandemic (and How We Overcame Them)

2023-11-03T21:27:13-05:00October 13, 2020|

By Dr. Jason Hallock It’s March 2020: millions of businesses and their employees, school systems and their students, and healthcare providers and their patients, are figuring out how to go virtual. Now imagine for a moment if, in order to accomplish that [...]

Explaining the Importance of Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Outbreak

2023-11-07T20:58:22-06:00April 22, 2020|

Dr. Jason Hallock, SOC Telemed’s chief medical officer, recently took part in a radio and satellite media tour to raise awareness and explain the importance of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to broadcast stations across the country, here are some of [...]

How to Mobilize Remote Healthcare Providers During COVID-19—Part 2

2023-11-07T21:07:39-06:00March 25, 2020|

The Access TeleCare (SOC) telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ, has been implemented in several emergency situations. During Hurricane Florence in 2018, Onslow Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, NC was surrounded by water and clinicians couldn’t access the hospital to care for patients. Then the [...]

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