Keeping critically ill patients locally is a priority for every hospital, and Access TeleCare’s telePulmonary and critical care specialists make it possible.

Access TeleCare’s hospital partners can depend on world-class physicians who are available 24/7, empowering on-site ICU staff at the bedside and increasing the local team’s capabilities and capacity for pulmonary and critical care.

How Access TeleCare’s Telemedicine Specialists Help

For hospitals without an ICU, Access TeleCare’s specialists set the foundation for on-site physicians and nurses to provide critical care with the consultative tools to care for the sickest patients and keep them in their local communities.

No matter where they live, patients expect their doctors to take care of them and deliver the critical care they need as soon as they need it. With Access TeleCare, hospitals deliver high-acuity, complex care that patients need and expect.

See one of our telePulmonary and critical care programs in action at Palo Pinto General Hospital. Contact us to learn more.

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Additional Insight

Get more insight into Access TeleCare’s unique approach to telemedicine. From clinical workflows to ensuring coverage through world class physicians, we have hospitals and clinics covered across the country.