More than 800,000 strokes occur every year in the U.S., and timely care is essential for better outcomes.

Telemedicine makes it possible for hospitals to care for patients with stroke symptoms and avoid the need to transfer them, consuming valuable time that can lead to poorer outcomes. With 24/7 access to teleNeurologists who are available within minutes, hospitals can evaluate stroke cases quickly and provide critical neurological care to patients locally.

“We’re there to co-manage patients alongside the hospitalist team,” said Dr. Annie Tsui, Access TeleCare’s chief of neurology. “We focus on relationship building and integrating with the on-site medical staff to provide a full continuum of neurological care.”

An Access TeleCare teleNeurology program is more than just an on-demand stroke consultation service. It’s full-spectrum neurology care that enables hospitals to care for patients with stroke symptoms from the time a stroke alert is called all the way through to discharge from the hospital.

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