One of the perhaps unanticipated benefits of having a telecardiology program is the reduced time patients have to wait for surgery. With a telecardiology program, hospitals don’t have to send patients far afield for cardiac work-ups prior to surgery. The result is surgeries can take place more quickly.

An excerpt from an Executive Q&A from Healthcare IT News featuring Chris Gallagher, M.D., CEO of Access TeleCare

“One of the first hospitals I worked with as a telecardiologist was able to significantly reduce the time to surgery for its patients because we were able to do the pre-operative cardiac work-ups to clear patients for surgery much faster because the patients didn’t have to travel to an urban center to get the work-up.

We could do it through telemedicine within one or two days, instead of weeks or months. We had the relationship with the on-site surgeon so care was coordinated. The patient wasn’t left to themselves to find a cardiologist, make an appointment, travel to the appointment, and make sure the results were shared with the surgeon.

It sounds like a small thing, but getting patients care they need more quickly has a significant impact for their outcomes, not to mention their anxiety and stress levels. And, the impact for the hospital is significant as well because it reduces inefficiencies.”

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