The potent combination of innovative technology and patient-centered care empowers Access TeleCare to deliver financial and quality outcomes for our clinical partners and remain at the forefront of advancing and expanding telemedicine’s vital role within the modern health care system.

A critical component of advancing telemedicine is fostering wider adoption of telemedicine as the ideal technology-driven solution to many of the challenges facing providers and health systems today.

Chris Gallagher, M.D., Access TeleCare president and CEO, recently joined an ACHE of North Texas panel with other health care industry professionals to discuss telemedicine’s role at the center of today’s health care system. Dr. Gallagher discussed the clinical, operational, and financial advantages of Access TeleCare technology and telemedicine programs, as well as the significant benefits Access TeleCare’s programs deliver for clinical partners and their patients.

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs combine easy-to-use, patient-friendly technology and an unwavering commitment to excellent patient care driven by the values that define our physician-led organization.

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