Public education directed at consumers increases awareness of the signs and symptoms of a stroke, improving outcomes for those patients who get treatment faster. By coupling timelier intervention with improved access to a constrained supply of neurologists, Access TeleCare works with local care teams to improve the chances for better outcomes for many stroke patients.

“The chances of survival and positive outcomes are highest when the patient receives prompt medical attention,” Dr. Annie Tsui, Access TeleCare chief of neurology, said in a recent interview with Fox News Digital. ‘Time is brain’, as Dr. Tsui often says, and Access TeleCare delivers 24/7 access to experienced, board-certified neurologists who are available within minutes to evaluate stroke cases quickly and provide critical neurological care to patients locally.

When neurology experts work with on-site teams to evaluate and treat stroke cases quickly, including a review of imaging, they can recommend for or against the administration of a clot-busting drug and whether the patient should receive endovascular treatment. Access TeleCare teleNeurologists work with hospitals and health systems across the country in large and small facilities where neurologists are often difficult to recruit.

Considering the risk for stroke, teleNeurology offers a great opportunity for communities to improve outcomes for patients experiencing a stroke.

“Strokes can occur for various reasons across different age groups and genders. Although no one is completely immune to the risk of stroke, individuals at higher risk should work with their doctor to develop a prevention plan,” Tsui told Fox News. “In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, as up to 80% of strokes can be prevented.”

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